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What is Kinesiology and how does it work?

As a Kinesiologist I use a unique modality called Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, or 'NK', which allows me to access the stress in your energy field at an extremely specific level.

Using specialised biofeedback techniques such as muscle testing, acupressure formats and handmodes or 'mudras', I can communicate directly with your nervous system, working with you at a subconscious and even unconscious level. This allows me to locate, identify and resolve deeply held energetic blocks.

Neuroenergetic Kinesology provides a detailed framework from which to support the whole being energetically. From the in-depth neurology of the survival emotions, brain and nervous system, to almost every biochemical and physiological system of the body, to all possible disease and pathological states and all physical and energetic structures, it leaves no stone unturned and can support you with literally any issue you may be facing - physically, emotionally or spiritually.

During a session your body guides the process, I am simply the facilitator.  My sole job is to empower you and assist you towards your natural state of balance, ultimately activating your innate capacity to heal.


What about Naturopathy?

Using kinesiology we work specifically with your energy to re-balance and de-stress you, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Kinesiology on its own is a beautiful, profound and powerful modality!

By bringing in naturopathy we are able to support you from a whole other perspective. Bringing the physical together with the energetic is important for lasting change and often essential when working with chronic or complex health conditions and long term stress and trauma.


As a Naturopath I take a functional medicine approach to understanding your symptoms. Functional medicine looks at the whole body and aims to understand the root cause of disease. We start with a detailed health history and create a personalised treatment plan by assessing any imbalances and identifying both your short and long term health goals. We look at diet and lifestyle changes, prescribe evidence based nutritional and herbal medicine where needed and utilise pathology testing to gain an even broader understanding of your health.



​How many Kinesiology sessions do I need?


A kinesiology session is like peeling back an onion, one layer at a time. One session on its own can can be very powerful and sometimes all that is needed, however often it takes a few sessions to get to the deeper layers of insight and healing, especially when working with a chronic, deep seated or lifelong issue.


The process will always be very unique to the individual and I am here to support you along your individual timeline.


But I'm not sure I'm ready for Kinesiology..

And that's absolutely fine!

Alternatively, I can prepare a personalised vibrational essence called 'A Balance in a Bottle' - head to the menu at the top of this page for details. This can be a gentle starting point for those wanting to experience the positive effects of energy healing, without committing to a 1:1 session.

While the process of kinesiology can be confronting - there's no hiding from your truth - it is also extremely liberating! When you are ready to start shedding those layers.. you will know. Trust the process, even if your conscious mind has doubts..


How do I book in?

Simply head to the 'Book an Appointment' button at the top of this page and you will be directed to my calendar and online booking system. 


More questions?

You can contact me via email or phone (my details are under the 'Contact' section of this website). Please feel free to get in touch!


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