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Discover the Incredible Benefits of Alkalised, Ionised Water

Earlier this year I began a separate arm of my business, as an affiliate for Kangen Water™, Japanese medical grade water ionisation technology, and so began my journey of drinking alkalised, ionised water, and the start of a new passion and appreciation for the importance of hydration!

Kangen means 'return to origin' in Japanese, creating negatively charged 'living' water through the process of electrolysis, the way water occurs naturally in nature (through lightning strikes and the natural movement of water through mountains, rivers, streams etc).

According to The Emerging Science of Hydration: Definition, Assessment, Toxicity, and Sources, by Dr Deanna Minich, up to 60% of people are chronically dehydrated, with dehydration itself being associated with a 39% increased risk for chronic diseases, a 21% heightened risk of early mortality, and a 50% higher odds of increased chronological age. In other words, dehydration accelerates ageing and diseases of ageing.

So why ionised water? In short, ionised water produces molecular hydrogen, a potent antioxidant and the smallest molecule that exists. Antioxidants have a powerfully protective effect in the body at the biochemical, cellular and structural level, protecting DNA and reducing overall systemic inflammation.

Ionised water also has the unique ability to hydrate rapidly at a cellular level, delivering molecular hydrogen directly into the cells and across the blood brain barrier, making it incomparably effective at hydration, anti-oxidation, and detoxification.


The health benefits of ionised water really are far reaching, and a basic search using the correct scientific terminology 'electrolysed reduced water', will bring up a wealth of information, for those interested researching further, like I was!


Ionised Water and the Brain

A particular area of fascination for me, as I have been drinking and researching this water, is its positive impact on the brain, as discussed by Dr Corinne Allen.

To summarise, the brain is 80% water, and chronic brain inflammation is a significant factor in mood disorders, cognitive decline, and the risk of conditions such as Alzheimer’s, autism, CFS, ADHD and Parkinson's.


Brain inflammation also plays a key role in trauma, particularly PTSD and complex chronic trauma. It is also a result of toxicity exposure and infection.

Ionised water immediately crosses the blood brain barrier, instantly hydrating the brain, reducing histamine, enhancing new brain connections, and carrying away acid waste from the brain tissue, increasing the overall level of oxygen in the brain via hydroxide ions.


Alkalised, ionised water is half the size of regular water and is immediately bioavailable to the body and the brain (it takes much longer for regular water to be bioavailable).


These water molecules rapidly penetrate the cell membranes, making nutrients available to the cells at a much faster rate, speeding up enzymatic processes to break down toxins. The blood is hydrated, and the lymphatic system is enhanced, improving toxin removal and promoting new tissue growth and healing.

Hydration plays such an important role in Kinesiology too as we work so deeply with the nervous system. If you come to my clinic for a session, you will no doubt now be greeted with a glass of ionised water to help you to integrate the energy work and emotional release!

Kangen Water™ creates a range of pH's that can be used for a huge variety of health, household and commercial purposes, significantly reducing toxic load, single use plastics and overall household waste.


You can learn more about the Enagic products HERE and view my free ebook 'Choose Conscious Water' (and download it HERE). Please enter your details below if you would like more information on purchasing one of these amazing machines.

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