Initial Kinesiology Balance

90 minutes $155

Follow-up Kinesiology Balance

75 minutes $115

Children (12 years and under) 

Up to 60 minutes $105

During a Kinesiology Balance we begin by discussing where you are at physically and emotionally, then start the process of balancing you energetically. We work together to identify the priority issues, clearing the underlying energetic stress as we go and allowing your body to guide the process.

Follow-up within 3 weeks is usually recommended.

(Supplement balancing may be incorporated into a kinesiology session, however a naturopathic consult will be required for specific dosage recommendations or prescribing)






Follow-up Naturopathy

45 minutes $90 (online, exisiting clients only)

Please note I do not offer Naturopathic consultations 

for children (12 years and under)

A Naturopathy consultation involves a naturopathic case history, involving dietary and lifestyle suggestions and the prescription of practitioner grade nutritional and herbal supplements where required. Pathology testing may also be recommended. Follow-up will usually be required within 1-2 weeks and a personalised treatment plan provided. 

UPDATE: Naturopathy services are currently only available online for exisiting clients, however a new combined appointment structure will be available soon!





VIBRATIONAL ESSENCES (in 10% alcohol base)

Vaccines Stress $20

To be taken 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks post, or as needed for general support. 

Australian Bush Flower Essence Blend $20

For ongoing support and integration, a personalised flower essence blend incorporating the energy of your balance can be provided at the end of your session. A wonderful way to enhance the ongoing positive effects and healing. 

'A Balance in a Bottle' $45

A personalised vibrational essence, incorporating flower essences, emotional balancing, brain integration, sound healing, aromatherapy and individual chakra and meridian tuning can be created uniquely for you, to support whatever issues you are currently dealing with. 


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