Are you a Naturopathic Health Practitioner?

Have you ever wondered just how much of your client's chronic health condition is rooted in unresolved mental and emotional stress (or even trauma?)

Would you like to offer a complimentary modality that not only addresses and resolves this underlying stress, but also enhances your treatment plans and prescriptions?

Naturopathic Kinesiology, within a professional practitioner referral framework, is designed to provide your client with individually tailored kinesiology balancing, based on your specific case history (including de-stressing and balancing your supplement prescription to your client's unique energy).


I offer condition specific energetic balancing around many of the issues you commonly see in clinic:


* HPA dysfunction/adrenal insufficiency/vagal tone balancing

* Nutritional, supplement and dietary balancing including food intolerances and all metabolic pathways

* Immune system balancing, allergies, chronic infection, histamine intolerance & MCAS, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders

* Advanced pyrrole, methylation & detoxification pathways

* Microbiome balancing and gut function including mucous membrane/'leaky gut' balancing

* Mental health conditions, nervous system imbalances, brain integration and neurological issues

* All endocrine system disorders and hormonal balancing (including oestrogen breakdown and detoxification)


Naturopathic Kinesiology, via a practitioner referral, simply requires your client to book a regular kinesiology appointment. Your client will be provided with a digital consent form and once received, a case history form will be emailed to you in order to provide the necessary details prior to the session.

For more information, please contact me on 0427 864 630 or email me at

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